World War II : The War That Saved Us All

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Instructor: Alan Dietz

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The Second World War has been called the most important event in history. Between 1938 and 1945, the psychopathic madness of German Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, and the savagery of the Japanese Empire led to 50 million deaths and almost toppled the entire civilized world. The conflict also changed warfare forever by ushering in the use of nuclear weapons. World War II created the world we own today.

Mr. Alan Dietz, an active OLLI member, was an original Madison Avenue "Madman" as a Creative Director at some of the world's largest ad agencies headquartered in New York and Chicago. He was President and Creative Director at his own ad agency in Miami for many years. Alan has created highprofile ad campaigns for some of the world's premier clients. He graduated with a BA and MA in history at the University of Miami, where he taught American and world history as a graduate teaching assistant. This was followed by Ph.D. work in history at Cal-Berkeley, which was interrupted by his acceptance of a job as an advertising copywriter at J. Walter Thompson in New York. He is presently writing a sci-fi novel dealing with quantum physics and relativity theory.