OLLI Mission

OLLI's mission, as part of the University of Miami, is to provide adults 50 years old and older with intellectual stimulation, social interaction, service opportunities, and outreach to the university and to the greater community.

Our vision is to be a world class, member-driven learning community, accessible to and meeting the needs of a diverse and growing population of older adults in South Florida.

As part of our mission and vision, we encourage:

  • Supportive peer-group interaction
  • Appreciation of life experience
  • Lifelong stimulation and growth
  • Physical activity
  • Social interaction
  • Creative expression
  • The satisfaction of learning, teaching, and volunteering within OLLI
  • Opportunities for community service

OLLI History

Founded in 1984 as the Institute for Retired Professionals, OLLI offers members an ongoing menu of programs such as languages, history, literature, the arts, current events and world affairs, to name just a few. With expert instructors, including UM faculty, courses are designed for students aged 50 and over, high-level and high-interest, without being high-stress.