Life at OLLI

OLLI Turns 40!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of OLLI at UM! We celebrated this milestone with a kick-off event featuring Donna Shalala, the esteemed President Emeritus of UM, as our guest speaker. The event was a resounding success. For more insights into the celebration, click here to read further details. Plus, check out the video alongside for a quick glimpse into the event's memorable moments.

Holidays with OLLI

Each year, OLLI brings its members together for an end-of-year holiday celebration, a time for mingling, dining, and spreading festive cheer. This cherished event is made possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of our OLLI volunteers and staff. For a glimpse into the joy and camaraderie of the occasion, check out the video on the side.

Giving Thanks with OLLI

Our Thanksgiving potluck is a heartwarming gathering that unites the OLLI community through a feast of homemade delights! Both OLLI members and instructors contribute their favorite dishes, creating an afternoon filled with delectable food and engaging conversations. This event is primarily organized by the dedicated efforts of the OLLI Volunteer Committee and the Social Committee, who work together to make this occasion memorable for everyone involved. To see the event come to life, click on the video on the side to browse through the pictures.