Volunteer at OLLI

Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new friends, stay active and make a difference in your community.

We encourage all members to share their time and their talents as the committees are always seeking new ideas and assistance.

Members can choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities, such as serving on one of the committees listed below.

Volunteer Committee

Assist and support OLLI membership during everyday operations, functions, and special events.

Social Committee

Develop plans, and coordinate events that enhance a sense of community among OLLI members

Election Committee

Inform the Advisory Council candidates of the election rules and nominates a slate of candidates to be elected for each post to be filled.

Marketing,Communication, Membership Committee

Develop methods to increase and retain OLLI membership, ensure that the internal and external communications are aligned with the overall OLLI strategic plan, and develop creative ways to enhance OLLI’s brand.

Development Committee

Recommend and assist with appropriate fundraising projects.

Speaker Series Committee

Find and enlist compelling and relevant speakers for our monthly OLLI Speaker Series, an exclusive perk for OLLI members at no cost.

Curriculum Committee

Identify and develop courses and help ensure that the courses and speakers/instructors are of the highest quality available.

Advisory Council

Serve as advisors and advocates of the OLLI mission, promote a vibrant learning community, and further the educational goals of the Institute and the University.

For additional information about our Committees:

If you would like to volunteer at OLLI, please click the button below to fill out a volunteer form or call us at 305-284-6554.

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