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Shakespeare Reading Group

OSH 235 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: LFH 119
Instructor: George Wendell

Course Description

Class will read approximately two plays in their entirety per session, one comedy and one tragedy. Format is two weeks to read the play, switching parts so all get to read big parts who want to (not required), followed by watching a DVD of the play performed by the Globe Theater in London or other outstanding performance. Students have so far developed much confidence in tackling the antique language, and comment that the final DVD really solidifies the play in their minds. Reading these plays aloud is an excellent way to improve mental acuity! Lots of fun as well. Macbeth, Love’s Labours Lost, A Midsummer Night Dream, or open to class requests also!

Book: The Signet Shakespeare Classic Series edited by Sylvan Barnet (reading the Henry IV plays).

It would be advantageous for each member to read the play in advance of class or watch on YouTube. 

Mr. George Wendell graduated from UMass with a BA in Classical studies, and 9 upper level English classes. He then graduated from the University of Toronto with an MA degree in Classical Studies. After retiring from a career in financial sales he has been a member of OLLI since September 2014, and a class facilitator (Writers’ Workshop) this past session. He brings a deep appreciation and knowledge of literature to OLLI and hopes to find ways to share his passion with classmates. Other interests include literary theory and criticism, linguistics, and playing the piano (mainly jazz).

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