A Modern View Of Arabic Culture & History

OSH 263 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: LFH 102
Instructor: Daniel Rivera

Course Description 

This lecture series focus on the history of the Arab people and on their accomplishments, successes, crisis and failures in politics, science, art, architecture, philosophy and literature throughout time. It will also analyze the impact of this legacy in modern times and how did the Arab people adapt their ancient costumes and traditions to new and modern ways of life.

Week 1

The Origins of the Arab People; The Art and Architecture of Mecca and Medina before and after Islam

Week 2

The Golden Age of the Arab and Islamic Culture.

Week 3

From Caliphate to Modern Nation State.

Week 4

The Arab-Muslin world after the Cold War.

Week 5

The War on Terror, Iraq, Afghanistan and Beyond.

Week 6

Beyond the Arab World: Islam in the Americas

 Dr. Daniel Rivera is an accomplished multilingual professor and translator of Arabic/English/Spanish, has 13 years of academic teaching experience. He is an expert on international relations and Middle Eastern history and politics. He is a political analyst for America TeVe (Ch 41 and Radio Miami). He is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Miami. He holds a PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies and a M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy.

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