Latin American Politics & Its Socio-Economic Impact

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Instructor: Brian Gerber

Course Description

How Latin American politics have influenced the development of the individual countries and the lives of the people.

Week 1 A brief history of Latin American politics.
Week 2 Left versus Right swings, Cuba, drugs, dictators, etc.
Week 3 Corruption and the ODENBRECHT scandal.
Week 4 International influence in Latin America from within and without.
Week 5 Present day state of politics and their economic effects.
Week 6 The future of Latin-American politics, what will become of Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

Mr. Brian H. Gerber has a BA in Political Science at Arizona State University and has been interested in International Politics and its social and economic effect for over 45 years. He has traveled extensively in Ibero-America in all countries except El Salvador and Honduras (80 times). In each country, he has taken an interest in politics, as well as, how they affect the population.