Italian : Basic - Part A | Osher Lifelong Learning Institute | University of Miami

Italian : Basic - Part A

OSH 309 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: TBA
Instructor: Manny Garcia-Rossi

Course Description

Buon giorno! Welcome to Basic Italian : Part A! This course is for NEW students who wish to learn the beautiful language of Italian and who have had little or no prior lessons. In this course you will learn the basic essentials to speak and write in Italian. Grammar points and cultural elements will be presented, all in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Come and join the fun! Siete Benvenuti!

Manny Garcia-Rossi, MA attended the University of Florence and graduated from Florida State University in 2002 in Italian and Literary Theory. He received a second MA in Film studies at the University of Miami in 2006. He has taught at FSU and designed the curriculum used for the Italian program at the InterAmerican campus of Miami-Dade College, focusing on communicative proficiency. Manny is a Senior Lecturer, and founder of the UM Italian Film Series, for the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Miami, where he has taught since 2003.

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