French for Travelers : Beginner & Intermediate

OSH 322 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: LFH 119
Instructor: Alicia Menendez-King

Course Description

This is a course designed for level 1 to intermediate level students of French who want to learn expressions and vocabulary for every day, practical interactions when they visit France. The situations covered each week will be: 1) greetings and salutations 2) checking in/out at the hotel, 3) directions and transportation 4) at the restaurant 5) shopping at the grocery store/bakery/department store 6) at the airport. The first day of class will include an introduction to French sounds, accents and the alphabet to aid with pronunciation. Teacher will use immersion method for covering curriculum, i.e., French only spoken during the class, with ample time at the end of the class for questions in English. Students will learn by memorization, imitation, and role play, with emphasis on giving each student the opportunity to speak frequently during the class.

 Required textbook: Learn French The Fast and Fun Way.  Purchase it from your favorite bookseller (book not available at the UM campus bookstore). Purchase it at your favorite bookseller.

Ms. Alicia Menendez-King, an OLLI member,is a UM graduate with a double major in French and English and received a M.A. from UNC at Chapel Hill in French. French teaching posts in Dallas, FIU, Rice, and Houston Community College. Studied in France and lived in Bordeaux. She has a passion for languages and cultures

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