French Grammar & Pronunciation : Intermediate - Part A

OSH 373 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: TBA
Instructor: Dr. Nancy Lawther

Course Description

The French Grammar & Pronunciation : Intermediate course concentrates on firming up the fundamentals of French so that when you speak, you say exactly what you mean to say. This session, we will focus on the forms and use of present tense verbs, as well as on correcting common pronunciation errors. Join us, and prepare to participate!

Week 1  Meet the class; present tense of regular verbs; vowel tension; mute letters
Week 2 Present tense of stem-changing regular verbs; pronunciation of e in closed versus open syllables
Week 3  Present tense of common irregular verbs; pronunciation of nasal vowels
Week 4  Present tense of other irregular verbs; pronunciation of eu in closed versus open syllables
Week 5  Present tense of other irregular verbs, continued; pronunciation of [s] versus [z]
Week 6  Use of the present tense; verbal constructions; pronunciation of [r]

The Student needs to bring:

1) The Ultimate French Review and Practice (required textbook, under $15);

2) Loose leaf notebook (under $2); paper (under $2); pencil or pen (under $1).

Required reading: Chapters 1-2 of the Ultimate French Review and Practice, David Stillman and Ronni Gordon, 2nd edition, ISBN 00744142 (available new in paperback for $14.38 or used for less; can be downloaded to Kindle for $11.99)

Suggested online practice with Français interactif (no cost).

Suggested use of online dictionary of choice (no cost).

Dr. Nancy Lawther taught at Texas A&M University, the University of Georgia and most recently at Barry University. She has a BA in French from Pennsylvania State University, a Masters in French from Washington University in St. Louis and a PhD in French from Yale University.

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