French : Beginner - Part B | Osher Lifelong Learning Institute | University of Miami

French : Beginner - Part B

OSH 381 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: TBA
Instructor: Alicia Menendez-King

Course Description

In French : Beginner - Part A, we started from scratch, and learned to introduce ourselves and to say a little about ourselves and our surroundings. Now, in French : Beginner - Part B, we will expand on that knowledge by learning how to ask questions, tell time, relate what we're about to do, and describe in detail the people and objects around us. This course is Part B and is a continuation of Part A, but with more emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension skills. Join us, and prepare to participate!

Alicia Menendez-King, an OLLI member, is a UM graduate with a double major in French and English and received a M.A. from UNC at Chapel Hill in French. French teaching posts in Dallas, FIU, Rice, and Houston Community College. Studied in France and lived in Bordeaux. She has a passion for languages and cultures.

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