Excel Basics

OSH 927 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: TBA
Instructor: Joan Nurse

Course Description

Introduction to Basic Excel… Getting started with Excel- learning the different functions with dragging, modifying cells, formatting cells and creating simple formulas. Participants must have some experience with computers to succeed in this class.

Week 1 Learning the different methods with spreadsheets, functions in the ribbon and backstage.
Week 2 Excel adding, dragging, deleting and moving sheets in groups.
Week 3 Working with basic functions - learn how to find values for a range of cells.
Week 4 Sorting and outlining data - formatting tables.
Week 5 Printing and saving data to share.
Week 6 Review of materials provided - Question and Answer.

Ms. Joan Nurse is a Corporate Trainer. She has 16 years of experience working in the Call Center Industry. She trained in various computer systems, such as AT&T and FedEx Domestically and Internationally. In addition, she has a wide range of experience in Microsoft and Macintosh.

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