Climate Conversation : A Climate Change 101 Look | Osher Lifelonng Learning Institute | University of Miami

Climate Conversation : A Climate Change 101 Look

OSH 854 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: TBA
Instructor: Ellen Siegel

Course Description

Climate change is inherently connected to today’s headlines, beyond extreme weather events: Health, Economy, National Security, and Immigration.  Climate change effects are painfully felt when intense rainstorms, severe droughts, powerful hurricanes, extreme heat waves, Arctic chills, glacial melting, increased wildfires, and sea level rise disrupt our lives. The most vulnerable – the elderly, women, children, minorities, and the poor – are disproportionately affected by these impacts. Wildlife populations are also declining at an alarming rate as Earth undergoes what has been called the Sixth Mass Extinction. We will learn the science, the seriousness and the solutions in this interactive three-session course.  

Week 1 The Science of Climate Change. What are the facts? Look at South Florida, the US, and the planet earth.
Week 2 The Seriousness of Climate Change. Discover how climate change affects not just South Florida, but also the planet, the impact on islands, the elderly, the poor, women, wildlife, our food supply, our weather, and pollinators.
Week 3 The Solutions to Climate Change. Meet local and national organizations, meet the literature currently available, and find out what small and large steps we individuals can take

Mrs. Ellen Siegel holds a BA in Elementary Education MA in Social Psychology. Teaching Experience: UM ICE instructor 1998-2008, Certified Financial Planner certification. Related Experience: Volunteer interpretive park ranger, National Park Service 1998-present Climate Education: Various courses through the National Park Service, National Association for Interpretation, NASA Earth to Sky seminar, Climate Leadership Engagement Organization training for speakers.

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