Canasta | Osher Lifelong Learning Institute | University of Miami


OSH 228 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: TBA
Instructors: Dr. Paul and Mrs. Marilyn Gustman

Course Description

Learn to play the modern game of Canasta. This class is for beginners who have never played or for those who have just learned and want to sharpen their game. Learn the basic of Canasta and strategies to win! This class is fun, rewarding, and great for your memory!

Week 1 What is a canasta? Structure of deal and play of the game; Value of different cards; Initial meld requirements; Role of wild cards; Subsequent meld; Picking the discard pile; How does the hand end? How does the game end? Open hand play without 7’s, 3’s and Aces; Two people at each position; Pass out rules for study with a comment on Table Rules.
Week 2 Review previous elements; Discuss 3’s, 7’s and Aces; Strategies and penalties of these special cards; Open play with complete decks.
Week 3 Review previous lessons; Special hands and when they become useful; Scoring and melding requirements as the game progresses; Closed play.
Week 4 Strategy; Signaling partner; Keeping cards or melding them; Determining chance for a wild card canasta; Which cards to discard; Dead cards; Picking a loaded deck; Counting 3’s to see how many turns are left; Dealing with Aces when they have not been melded vs. when they have; Closed play.
Week 5 Closed hand play.

Dr. Paul and Mrs. Marilyn Gustman are both OLLI members who enjoy leading and facilitating the Canasta Club. 

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