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Best Travel Advice

OSH 834 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: TBA
Instructor: Anush Dawidjan


Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:45 pm (Note: 3-week session; Starts 10/31)

Course Description

Anush Dawidjan is one of the best traveled women in the world as she has now traveled to 190 of the 193 UN member countries. In this series of three (3) workshops she will share her travel secrets/sources on how she was able to visit so many countries on a middle class budget.

Week 1

Pack Lighter: Anush has completed four Around the World (ATW) Trips from 20-45 days and had completed each trip with carry-on luggage. She will explain packing terms such as Personal Item, Carry On, and Checked luggage for both domestic and international airlines. She will provide specific guidance and tips on what and how to pack more effectively for your travels.

Week 2

Travel Sources: In the past a good travel agent was essential for trip planning but today you can become your own travel agent by learning how to research and plan your travels. Anush will share her favorite travel sources including books, magazines, other travelers, and a wide variety of online travel sites.

Week 3

How to Plan for Travel: This workshop will focus on the planning process of travel and will include a discussion of different types of travel: independent, group, and packages. Learn what other factors affect the cost of travel. This workshop will focus on traveling on international travel on a budget and not luxury travel.

Ms. Anush Dawidjan retired in 2010 after a 35-year career with the US Government. She worked and lived overseas for the US Government in England, Germany, Niger, Japan, and Hong Kong. She has traveled in 184 countries and plans to visit the last remaining 9 UN countries by June 2017 to achieve her personal goal of visiting every country in the world. Since 2011, she has presented a series of classes called "Around the World with Anush" each Spring and Fall semester at the Learning in Later Life (LLL) Program at Springfield College in Springfield, MA. She is a snowbird who spends winters in Miami and summers in Springfield.

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