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From Ancient Persia to Modern Iran

OSH 199 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: LFH 102
Instructor: Marsha Cohen

Course Description

 Persia, once the largest empire in the ancient world, has a long and fascinating political and cultural history. Its borders stretched from Khorasan (including modern Afghanistan) to Babylon (modern Iraq), Central Asia and the Caucasus. Viewed from the perspective opprobrious ancient Hellenic authors whose historical writings constituted the core of classical western European elite education, as well as European powers machinations to outmaneuver one another in the global "great game" in the 19th Persian culture was often framed as that of the alien perpetually hostile "other." This course will present a richer and more in-depth view of Persian culture, and insight into how Persian history has shaped modern Iran's role in the world today. 

Week 1

Lands and Peoples of Ancient Persia

Week 2

Religion in Persian Culture: From Zoroastrianiam to Shi'ism

Week 3

Persian Language, Literature and Poetry

Week 4

Persian Art, Architecture and Archaeology

Week 5

The Iranian Revolution

Week 6

Understanding Iranian Politics Today

Dr. Marsha B. Cohen, PhD, is an scholar, lecturer and news analyst who specializes in Middle Eastern social history and politics and the role of religion in world affairs. She taught International Relations at Florida International University for over a decade, and worked with the UM Master of Arts in the International Administration (MAIA) program from 2009-2011, as well as teaching adult education courses and lecturing in a variety of venues locally and nationally.
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