Acrylic Painting : Beginning & Intermediate

OSH 901 / Non Credit
Course taught in: English
Locations: TBD
Instructor: Jim Brennan 

Course Description

Painting with acrylics can be great fun. Painting is to be enjoyed, not endured. Acrylics are easy to use mainly because they are water soluble, and are not encumbered by numerous technical rules, as are oils. Acrylics allow the artist to jump in and push the medium to its limits. Come and experience the fun, ease and lack of boundaries this medium and class offers. There will be time in class to work on your projects where you will receive assistance and weekly critiques.You will be painting in the first class. 

Note: This class is geared towards those who are new to the medium, as well as artists of different levels who have not painted for a while.

Supply List
  1. Acrylic Paints: Golden Heavy Body, or Liquitex in 2 fluid oz. tube


  • Cadmium Red Light • Quinacridone Crimson• Lemon Yellow • Yellow Ochre •Cadmium Orange • Cerulean Blue • Ultramarine Blue • Prussian Blue • Hooker’s Green Hue • Burnt Umber • Raw Sienna • Payne’s Gray • Titanium White (in Large Tube).  
  1. Acrylic Paint BrushesRecommended mfg. Pro Stroke-Powercryl “open stock" or medium to very good quality of another brand.


  • Round: #2, #6
  • Filbert: #8
  • Bright:#6
  1. PaletteDisposable paper pallet pad 9”x12”, 50 sheets, white.
  2. Watercolor PaperOne 12 sheet pad, size 11”x15”, preferably gummed on one side, 200 series, 140# by Strathmore or equivalent.
  1. Sketching pencil, Raffine 7000 MARCO #2B
  2. Color Wheel, small or large
  3. Ruler 18" metal                                       
  4. Eraser by VANISH 2 5/8"L x 3/4" x 3/4" thick
  5. Roll of paper towels
  6. Cotton dish rag, used and clean


Please bring all your supplies to the first and all classes.

Supplies are available at Jerry's Artarama, 1140 SW 67th Avenue, Miami, and show them your list and they will help you gather your supplies and answer your questions.

If you need assistance, email Jim Brennan at or call (305) 338-3557

Jim Brennan is a native Floridian. He graduated with a BA in Humanities from FAU, where his focus was on art and architecture. Jim is a teacher and an award-winning artist in acrylics, watercolor, metal sculpture and wire sculpture mediums. His work has been featured throughout Miami, Palm Beach, Winter Park and Tampa. 

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